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Wedding Details

Everything you need to know about the wedding.


The ceremony will take place on Thursday November 15, 2018 at the lovely Newton Hall, in Northumberland. The address is Newton Hall, Newton on Sea, NE66 3DZ. Please aim to arrive at 13:00


Most of you know the deal vis-a-vis dress code, but the technical term for what we’re going for is ‘Semiformal’: Gentlemen in a suit/jacket and tie; Ladies, if you feel fancy and you’re not in a wedding dress it will almost certainly be fine.


Immediately following the ceremony there will be some downtime at the hall whilst we take various photos with you all. Drinks and snacks will be provided. The wedding breakfast will commence at 16:00. A full schedule is available below.


We have not yet made the final decision with regards to the menu for our wedding breakfast. Check back here closer to the day for the full details.


Tea, coffee and cocktails will be provided after the ceremony, as well as wine with the wedding breakfast. Newton Hall also has two paid bars.


The rooms in Newton Hall itself have been spoken for by the bridal party, however there are lots of lovely hotels in the area. We are also arranging for a coach to return to Newcastle shortly after midnight, should you wish to stay there.

Schedule of Events

Here is what you can look forward to during and around the big day.

Wednesday, November 14

The afternoon Safe travels everyone!
5:00 PM The Bride's party make their way up to the venue.
7:00 PM The Groom's party enjoy a condemned man's last meal.

Thursday, November 15

The Big Day!

7:00 AM The beautification process begins.
What ... it takes a long time to get Hugo looking good.
12:00 PM A coach leaves for the venue from Jesmond (NE2 1TJ).
1:00 PM Guests arrive at Newton Hall.
If people sound Scottish you're too far north!
1:30 PM We do.
The afternoon Hopefully, everyone eats and drinks too much.
Interspersed with the odd speech, or photo op.
7:30 PM Evening guests arrive.
The evening Music from the Red Wings. Much dancing please!
9:30 PM Fish, Chips & Cake for those who can still fit it in.
That most classic of combinations.

Friday, November 16

12:30 AM A coach heads back to Jesmond.
The next day We cannot be held liable for any Hangovers suffered.

Wedding Gifts

For those who have expressed interest in bringing a gift…

We are conscious that many of you have helped us put the wedding together, travelled a long way, or both. These things are gift enough! If you would still like to do something then a small contribution for our honeymoon, or whatever else you are inclined towards, would be lovely.

Pictures Of Us

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